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Although investors applauded the move, negative reaction was widely reported.[23] This shift has been met with mixed reviews by both corporations and independent designers, with many people expressing their displeasure on the web[24][25][26] and through multiple Internet petitions.[27] Among these was a petition which reached over 30,000 signatures within a few weeks of the announcement.[28]

Creative Cloud has been criticized for broken file syncing, one of its core features.[29][30] In May 2013 Adobe announced that it was suspending the file-sync desktop preview "for the next couple of weeks".[29] Reviewers of Creative Cloud were disappointed with the functionality of the cloud storage[31][32][33] and were "far from convinced by Adobe's subscription model".[34] Users were concerned that they would be forced to upgrade their computer hardware when it is no longer supported by the current version of the Creative Cloud software.[35]

This caused an unprecedented loss of trust in Adobe as a company and an attendant rise in anxiety among their customers.[36][37] Despite a storm of customer criticism over Adobe's move to subscription-only pricing,[38] the company announced that it would not sell perpetual licenses to its software alongside the subscriptions: "We understand this is a big change, but we are so focused on the vision we shared for Creative Cloud, and we plan to focus all our new innovation on the Creative Cloud".[39]

In May 2014 the service was interrupted for over a day due to a login outage leaving graphics professionals locked out of Creative Cloud.[40][41][42][43][44] Adobe apologized for this global Creative Cloud failure[45] and thanked users "for bearing with us".[46] When initially asked whether customers would be compensated, the company's Customer Service responded: "We cannot offer compensation for the outage. I'm so sorry again for the frustration."[47][48] Adobe later announced that it would review compensation on "a case by case basis".[49] The outage was heavily criticized, as was Adobe's Software as a Service model in general.[50]

Online articles began offering examples of replacements of Adobe products,[51][52][53][54][55] with competing products directly offering alternatives, and launching promotions for dissatisfied Adobe customers.[56] Adobe, however, claimed that Creative Cloud is its "highest customer satisfaction product in the creative space" and that even prior to Adobe's move to a pure subscription model, "more than 80 percent of customers who bought products from Adobe's Web site picked CC over CS."[39]

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